Ahmed Shah Bokhari (Patras)

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A little known contribution of Bokhari is the survival of UNICEF, which was about to be disbanded after having completed its humanitarian mandate in the WW2 devastated Europe.....[more]

Ahmed Bokhari carried the dual heritage of Eastern and Western civilization. This gave him an unusual width of approach to those problems of our time with which the United Nations has to deal. He reflected in his personality the possibility of a synthesis of great traditions on which it is the task of our generation to build one world. He also knew in a deep personal sense the difficulties and tensions which must accompany such a process.
His influence will long be felt and his unique personality will long be remembered.

Dag Hammarskjold,
Secretary General,
United Nations, 1958.

From "ON THIS EARTH TOGETHER - Ahmed S.Bokhari at UN, 1950-1958" compiled and edited by Anwar Dil
Ahmed Bokhari was, in fact, a leader and a philosopher, a savant, indeed, even though not old in years, a sort of elder statesman. His true field of influence was the entire complex of the United Nations family.... He was acutely conscious of the aspirations of people throughout the world for peace, for better standards of life, for freedom and dignity, but no one was more soundly aware than he of the difficulties and obstacles to be overcome in bringing about a broad advance of humankind along these avenues.

-By Ralph J. Bunche,
Nobel Peace Laureate,
Under Secretary-General, United Nations, 1967.