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(1) Diplomat's Diplomat: Bokhari of Pakistan Chairs UN Council

by A.M. Rosenthal UN Correspondent, The New York Times.
The New York Times Magazine, March 15, 1953. @ 1952 by The New York Times Company...

(2) Bokhari: Cosmopolitan Crusader at the UN

by Gertrude Samuels, Staff Writer, The New York Times Magazine.
"The United Nations cannot achieve its purpose unless the peoples of the world are fully informed of its aims and activities...

(3) Be Gentle

Editorial, The New Yorker, September 18, 1954.  The New Yorker Magazine, Inc.
Pakistan's permanent representative to the United Nations, Professor Ahmed Shah Bokhari, who is generally considered one of the ablest spokesmen for the Arab-Asian bloc.....

(4) Sheikh Peer

When I was first introduced to Shakespeare’s plays in college, a common joke was to say that Shakespeare was not an Englishman but an Indian named Sheikh Peer who the English had abducted from India and given another name....

(5) Remembering Patras Bokhari

by SM
Essayist, teacher and diplomat Prof. Ahmad Shah Bokhari, who was known as Pitras Bokhari among literati and connoisseurs of literature, was an internationally acclaimed Pakistani who is fondly remembered as a man of all nations.....

(6) Remembering Patras Bokhari

by Moneeza Hashmi
It was a very long time ago, too long now even to recall how many years have gone by, when a little girl of six or seven, quietly opened the door of her father's study and saw him ....

(7) Remembering Patras Bokhari

by Noman Ahmed
Professor Ahmed Shah Bukhari - popularly known as Patras Bukhari who died 45 years ago – has made enormous contributions in Urdu literature.....

(8) CAM DIARY: 'Kamal da teacher'

Daily Times, Lahore, 30th October 2002.
Such is KK's love for his teacher that he has single-handedly set up the Bokhari English Prize at Cambridge University, awarded annually to the best student of English at Emmanuel College.....

(9) Partyman Patras

Patras Bokhari could have excelled as a writer, had he chosen not to do a variety of things and achieving the best in all of them.
By Sarwat Ali
The News International , 12th December 2004....

(10) By The Way - A citizen of the world

Hafizur Rahman
Some time ago the Pakistan Post Office issued a special postage stamp to mark the 100th birth anniversary.....

(11) The House of Patras

Khaled Ahmed LAHORE, Pakistan - May 13, 1999 (The Friday Times)
Ahmed Shah 'Patras' Bokhari has been celebrated as an educationist, a man of letters, a diplomat, and as one the greatest sons of Pakistan......

(12))Coming to terms with prospect of demise

There would seem to be a certain fascination with death, especially so when it touches the high and the mighty, the famous and the infamous, the ranks of celebrity, "the beautiful people"....

(13) Patras Bokhari – Decorated, at last

Dawn, Review, August 2003
Better late than never! The President of Pakistan conferred the Hilal-i-Imtiaz upon Prof Ahmed Shah Bokhari on the 14th of this month. Patras Bokhari died 45 years ago. He was, undoubtedly, an internationally renowned figure. In fact, from the numerical count of his essays in Patras ke Mazamin it is almost impossible to fathom the depth of the multi-faceted personality of Professor Bokhari.

(14) Ahmed Shah Patras Bokhari -Prince Among Men

By Hafeez Javed,
The Pakistan Times, December 6, 1964
It was on this very day in 1958 that Professor Ahmed Shah Bokhari’s friends and admirers woke up to learn the dreadful news of his sudden death in his Manhattan flat in New York in the early hours of the previous morning.....

(15) The liberal Ideals of A.S. Bukhari – III

Dawn Magazine
Friday, September 09, 1994

(16) The liberal Ideals of A.S. Bukhari – I

Dawn Magazine
Friday, September 02, 1994

(17) Patras rememberd by GC

Gilani Kamran

(18) Patras Bokhari - a legend

The News International, Wednesday, November 23, 1994
Prof. Nazeer Siddiqi.

(19) Look Back Gently

By Alys Faiz

(20) A tribute to Patras

Patras was endowed with the finest qualities of head and heart, and was a liberal scholar with a charming personality – a species now extinct in Pakistan, says NADEEM SHAHID.

(21) Prof. A. S. Bokhari – Mentor, Boss & Friend

By Bashir A. Khan
27th October 2005
During my career as the Senior Commentator and Incharge of the Urdu Service of Voice of America for the world at New York 1951-1954, I had the opportunity of interviewing some 300 persons of eminence from all walks of life.....

(22) The Bokhari Trust

The Nation
18th January 1998
By Khalid Hasan
It is strange how a small thing one may have done many years ago comes to take root and long after, one is surprised to discover that what was intended as a simple throwaway gesture on what may have been no more than the fancy of the moment, .....

(23) Pardon, your slip is showing

By F. A. Anvery
December 30, 2001
The whole chagrin about foretelling, including political, weather and intellectual forecasting, is that it cannot be proved or disproved until after the time predicted has come and gone. The slip showing at the time is either covered up or made more visible, the hopes are either reinforced or abandoned .....

(24) Bokhari, Lahore's true geographer

Anwar Shabnam Dil, who spent many years working on Prof Ahmed Shah Bokhari's life and work and who produced a book of abiding value on him, told me in 1993 that "Bokhari's great work was done at the United Nations." He said that apart from being as great an internationalist as Dag Hammerskjold, he was the first advocate of liberation movements in colonised countries across Africa and the Middle East. That credit has been denied him by his countrymen, as they have denied it to Sir Zafralla Khan, though for different reasons.

(25) AS Bokhari, unlike any other

Had AS Bokhari done nothing except write Patras ke Muzameen , his name would have lived; but he did a great, great deal more, which is why he is remembered with both admiration and affection, a rare combination, to this day. Even before independence, his distinctions were many. The first Indian director-general of All India Radio, he was principal of the most famous college in the country, Government College, Lahore (which now bears the ridiculous name of Government College University). There perhaps never has been a finer teacher of English than Bokhari.

(26) The genius of Patras

Ahmed Shah Bokhari (1898-1958), commonly known as Patras Bokhari, is reputed for his literary prowess. His claim to lasting fame is his slim volume of humorous essays titled Patras kay Mazameen. Patras is also widely known as an educationist serving as the principal of the prestigious Government College Lahore. His legend as an educationist has endured too through the Government College and through his students, Faiz Ahmed Faiz , being the most prominent. He is associated with the finest years of the college.

(27) Auld Lang Syne

In November 1945, at the end of the Second World War, the great Russian poet, Anna Akhmatova met Isaiah Berlin (“the dominant scholar of his generation”), then First Secretary at the British Embassy in Moscow. It was a meeting that lasted through the better part of the night, with the two talking about subjects as varied as the horrors of war, the pervasive tyranny of Stalinist Russia and Akhmatova’s tragic personal losses. Isaiah Berlin subsequently returned to Britain and Akhmatova was later denounced by the Central Committee of the Communist Party for cavorting with a “foreign spy” and expelled from the Writer’s Union. But the meeting marked the beginning of a long, close friendship, a syncing of two brilliant and beautiful minds that defied convention and spanned continents.

(28) Kalos

December 5 marks the death anniversary of Patras Bokhari who read discarded English newspapers under a streetlamp, issued forty books every week from the New York Public Library, was instrumental in Tunisia’s liberation and stopped the dissolution of UNICEF. He also wrote a tiny book that placed him in the annals of Urdu Literature as one of its greatest humourists. By Faiza Hameed and Ali Madeeh Hashmi