Bokhari's Other Writings

(1) Hindustani From Madras

The Hindustan Times
by Prof- A-S- Bokhari, M-A- (Cantab)
Deputy Controller of Broadcasting in India, 1939.

(2) The Orbits of Mrs. Universe

Review of Eleanor Roosevelt's India and the Awakening East (1953).....

(3) To the Children of the World

Draft of a Foreword for a children's book on the United Nations (1958).

(4) What Togetherness Means to Me

"Togetherness" is but a new and re-vitalized name for a primal human need....

(5) Parliaments, Priests and Prophets

"I wish you wouldn't squeeze so," said the Dormouse, who was sitting next to her. "I can hardly breathe." "I can't help it," said Alice very meekly. "I'm growing." -Alice in Wonderland