Reviews of Patras Bokhari Website

(1) Citizen of the world

Dawn Magazine, August 13, 2006

Citizen of the world

By Sumera S. Naqvi

"Way back in 1939, Patras Bokhari wrote an article, Hindustani from Madras, in which he said that in order to “extend the coverage of a language to the whole of India, fastidious standards of purism and exclusiveness must receive minor shocks.” By minor shocks, he wouldn’t have meant eventually wiping out either language – Urdu or Hindi. Far from it, he meant peaceful co-existence. Perhaps that is one of the many reasons that led him to earn the title, and so aptly, the citizen of the world...."

(2) Citizen of the world

The Friday Times: Pakistan's First Independent Weekly Paper Jan 06-12 2006

Raza Rumi

"The launch of a comprehensive website on Patras Bokhari marks a reinvigoration of the great writer and
diplomat's memory."

(3) Word for word

Daily Times, Sunday, February 05, 2006

"WORD FOR WORD: How Ahmed Shah became Patras Bokhari —Khaled

When you say Peter, aren’t you reminded phonetically of Urdu ‘path-thar’ (stone)? One is put in the mind of one possible origin when you look at Tagore’s play ‘Pather Panchali’ (song of the road). Is our ‘pathar’ something that you find on the road?"