To the Children of the World

Draft of a Foreword for a children's book on the United Nations (1958).

To the Children of the World:

Isn't it a pity that nations sometimes go to war with each other and people get killed and homes wrecked and young and old men and women live in fear?

Isn't it a pity that those who are small or weak are sometimes bullied by those who are big and strong and there is no one to stop them and people don't get just and fair treatment?

Isn't it a pity that some people in all countries and most people in some countries don't get enough to eat and are often ill and live in misery and die of horrible diseases?

Look at the second picture in this book. It is a picture of people from many nations sitting together in the United Nations trying to arrange that there should be no wars, that all people should be well treated and that there should be more and better food and less illness in the world.

This is a difficult task because the world is very big and people are not always kind or sensible. All the same we cannot give up trying.

We are better than wild animals and therefore should behave much better. We should think together and help one another and not be savage like animals.

This book will tell you something about the United Nations. Also I hope you will like the pictures. Also I hope you will grow up to be kind to other people and peaceful and just.

Ahmed S. Bokhari
Under-Secretary of the United Nations

Perhaps Professor Bokhari' s last writing.